NZ wheels manufacturer’s warranty

NZ wheels warranty is 1 year. In case the wheel is correctly operated, it will keeps its technical characteristics.

Guarantee cases:
Paint coating:

  • peeling or cracks of paint;
  • corrosion;
  • paint change;

Wheel construction:
  • rim leakage;
  • cracks;
  • partial or full wheel destruction.

Non guarantee cases:

  • any mechanical damages, including those received after arrival to holes or obstacles;
  • paint damage as the result of mechanical influence.

Defects resulted from the following are non guaranteed cases:
  • wheel adaptation;
  • wheels operation with excess of the permissible load;
  • wheels installation using inappropriate details of fastening;
  • wheel choosing with wrong parameters;
  • mounting of wheels to the tire and its usage with size different from recommended by the car manufacture;
  • wheel and tire usage with pressure different from recommended;
  • open air influence;
  • aggressive chemicals influence (such as acid, alkali, etc);
  • other operation rules violation.