Each alloy wheel under brand name NZ is the guarantee of quality and safety. Factories, producing these wheels follow ISO 9001quality management system.

NZ are produced on the modern-equipped factories in Asia. The same high tech plants manufacture world famous brands of wheels and supply their OEM products to such car leading global manufacturers as VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Citroen and various other motor manufacturers. Most of the production processes are totally automated. In addition, there are fully equipped laboratories and testing sections, where stringent ongoing testing procedures from chemical analysis on raw materials to finished products are carried out. 100% of the wheels pass the following necessary tests as run out, balance, airleakage, X-ray, as well as fatigue, impact, rolling tests. Every finished unit passes stringent final inspection before it is packed to the box. NZ wheels suitability for operating in winter (resistance to salt and gravel) is determined by the quality and coating strength of the clear finish. Factories use especially high-quality finish developed particularly to withstand rough winter conditions.